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English Language

Get My Grades is one of the few learning platforms that offers a complete range of English Language resources and questions for students and their parents/teachers.

Our concepts include clear descriptions of the technical terminology students need to understand, along with a wide variety of examples. Our questions give students the opportunity to practise the skills they needs for real English examinations, including extracts from commonly assessed texts.


Get My Grades includes content for the entire maths curriculum. By breaking maths into manageable chunks, or concepts, we help every student get to grips with the skills they need to learn, presented clearly with worked examples.

Our questions allow students to practise maths similarly to how they would on paper. We don’t just use multiple choice questions, but allow students to enter the correct mathematical notation, just like they would have to do in a real exam.

Subjects currently being released by topic:

Get My Grades will also include comprehensive content for all three sciences, covering everything required for the main exam boards (and more). Currently, our science content is being released in phases, with several units already live on the platform.

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