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A flexible, cost-effective and research-led learning platform for schools.

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Reduce workload for marking and data entry.

The Get My Grades platform includes interactive textbook content and questions. Student assignments are either marked automatically or self-assessed using our detailed feedback. Get My Grades saves teachers time on finding resources, marking and data entry.

Cost-effective resources for all your students.

Get My Grades is a cost-effective way to give your students access to online interactive educational content, automatically updated and mapped to qualifications.

Based on educational research.

Our platform has been based on sound educational research on the value of feedback, developing metacognitive skills and schema/ cognitive load theories.

FREE for Teachers to try until July 2019


Free, unlimited, teacher and family accounts.

Automatic Differentiation

Adaptive learning software presents questions of an appropriate difficulty.

No Extra Costs

Everything included – even new feature releases!

Automatic Data Entry

Save time and get more, better data.

Student Self-Assessment

Help students learn success criteria and develop metacognitive skills.

Interactive Textbook Content

Interactive content for students helps to develop a deeper understanding.

Supporting a Knowledge Curriculum

Help students go beyond their course and develop elaborate schemata.

Research-Led Platform

Based on the latest research with ongoing collaboration with academics.

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Get My Grades is already highly affordable, but Rocket Fund is a great way to mobilise the whole school community. Give students, teachers and parents access to our cross-curricular platform with online content and realistic questions, without taking a penny from the school budget! For parents, contributing on Rocket Fund is a great way to get access to Get My Grades at a substantial discount compared to buying subscriptions directly.

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